Certified Salesforce Administrator - 100% Job Success Score on Upwork

About Me

 A results-driven and experienced Salesforce Business Analyst and Salesforce Engineer with a proven track record of successfully leading cross-functional teams, delivering complex projects on time and within budget. Strong technical background in Salesforce and astrong love for Salesforce, looking for a Salesforce role.


  • Extensive experience in project management, with a focus on detailed planning, task tracking, and milestone planning.
  •  Strong technical marketing skills, including SEO, inbound workflows, A/B testing, data plumbing, and report development.
  •  Excellent communication skills, able to articulate technical information to both technical and non-technical users.
  •  Strong background in database architecture and 7 years of experience with SQL for technical, marketing and executive
  •  Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence solutions and experience in implementation of e-commerce solutions.
  •  Adept at building Agile and Lean processes for teams and writing requirements for enterprise.
  •  Proficient in developing web, mobile, and desktop apps, and deep knowledge of WordPress and plugin development.
  • Proven ability to identify sales opportunities, bring sales to the table, and upsell existing clients.
  • A strategic thinker with the ability to think big and plan effective organizational transformations.
  •  10 years of experience with Microsoft tools including Excel, SharePoint, Access, MS Teams and MS Project.


  • Salesforce Admin Certification – Official Salesforce Admin Certified as of May 2023
  • Stanford University – Palo Alto, CA Stanford Project Management Program, 2016
  • Full Sail University – Winter Park, FL Digital Media Degree, 2003

Additional Awards and Experience

  • Successfully secured Google Earth Grant in collaboration with Wild South and Cherokee Government (2012)
  • Recognized for innovative efforts in software development, with multiple awards for projects for clients such as Novartis and Case New Holland.
  • Demonstrated thought leadership as founder of TEDxAsheville (2009).
  • A podcast led by Ty, Spark Tech Talk podcast, included an interview with Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple. (2016)
  • Featured in a New York Times article for innovative efforts in staying relevant in the tech industry (2012).
  • Worked as the lead dev on a National Science Foundation Grant with the NC pharmaceutical company Targacept.

My Journey

Certified Salesforce Administrator – 100% Job Success Score on Upwork.

Senior Business Analyst and Salesforce Admin, Radix Bay (February 2023 – June 2023)

  • A 4 month contract ending in the successful completion of 3 Salesforce projects including a Learning Management System integration with BrainShark, a 3rd Party Integration with custom software and a Vonage integration for Refund Saves.
  • Successfully led cross-functional teams in delivering complex projects on-time and within budget.

Director of Growth and Technology, Sanesco Health (2020 – 2023)

  • Successfully led cross-functional teams in delivering complex projects on-time and within budget
  •  Championed the implementation of a fresh Salesforce Org for the second laboratory, assuming full responsibility for the Salesforce build-out process, which entailed integrating 25 order sources and 3 APIs, and guiding transactions worth over 8 million dollars. Oversaw the migration of 3 significant systems into Salesforce, as well as developed a Case Management
    help desk to delegate the colossal support tickets to a cross-departmental group of specialists trained on my Standard Operating Procedures
  •  Managed technical budget and implemented strategic plans, requirements documents, and over a hundred SOPs
  •  Fully developed solutions for all departments that streamlined services and moved their paper formats to digital. Integrated
    OCR (Image AI) and a full automation suite for the Marketing/Sales team Lead funnel including a lead drip currently converting 8 leads (doctors) a month.

Head of Software Development, Greenstone Media (2016 – 2020)

  • Led Agile processes resulting in 100% success rate for a portfolio of tech projects. Many projects were in code red status
    and significant diplomacy, strategy and hard work required to bring them to happy clients. I was handling 100% client
    communications for all software projects and developing workshops for marketing facilitations around CRM and data.
  • Hired and developed cross-functional teams, including web/mobile developers and other departments.
  •  Lead CRM Implementer (HubSpot) and automation strategist for Greenstone clients, primary author of assets for CRM
  •  Developed comprehensive QA processes and built this capacity in the team
  • Established a reliable go-to person for technical issues and created standard operating procedures with accountability.

Chief Technology Officer, Trusted Sharing (2013 – 2016)

Trusted Sharing was a startup founded by Duncan Work, a former Chief Scientific Officer at LinkedIn.

  • Led project teams in building a SAAS social network and developing algorithms integrated with patents
  • Implemented effective marketing strategies, including SEO optimization and CRM automation
  •  Served as a Product Evangelist, with experience in speaking at events and creating valuable front-facing content.
  •  Managed large scale user testing and built a full testing suite with automated tests.
  •  Co-led the yearly retreat and oversaw the implementation of strategic plans.

Chief Executive Officer, TopFloorStudio (2004 – 2013)

  •  Brought over 75 apps to market for clients including Novartis, Genova Diagnostics, Endo Pharmaceutical, and Park Ridge
  • Successfully managed software integration with ERP/CRM for clients, including Yahoo!, and implemented Salesforce/CRM.
  • CEO and Project Manager for a successful product startup exit (ConnectMeQR).
  •  Managed and executed multiple successful marketing campaigns.
  •  Improved and trained on custom proposal development process for sales and PM teams.

Served 100+ clients across the globe.

…and many more