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How can Salesforce Maps and Salesforce Maps Advanced help your team?


Salesforce Maps provides an innovative and interactive platform for businesses to visualize, track, and modify their data in real time. This tool is a game changer for businesses aiming to streamline operations and make strategic decisions. Here’s a breakdown of the features offered by Salesforce Maps:

Salesforce  Maps Core Functionality

1. Interactive Data Visualization: Salesforce Maps allows businesses to plot their data, such as prospective client locations, and interact with it directly. This enables prioritization of client visits, note-taking, call logging, and field adjustments, all from one interface.

2. Territory Planning: This feature provides insightful visual representations of territory boundaries, aiding in determining the optimal number of representatives for each territory. It assists in maximizing sales resource capacity and aligning territories with business goals.


3. Live Tracking: The live tracking function is useful for keeping tabs on assets across an organization, such as the location of delivery drivers or technicians. This is similar to location sharing on rideshare apps, but on a larger scale, ensuring organizations can track and record asset activity efficiently.